The English version of Fabula Ultima Core Rulebook has been released in PDF a week ago on DrivethruRPG, and for the seventh day in a row is occupying the 1st position on the Bestselling Title and Hottest Title charts.

Fabula Ultima Core Rulebook reached the Gold tier in just four days! And is now running towards the Platinum tier, receiving truly amazing reviews.

We’re so grateful for the result, really. Thank you so much!

We’re still ironing out details for the international distribution: we’ll tell you all about it as soon as we have news to share!

As for now, you can purchase your digital copy of the Core Rulebook and download the free introductory tutorial scenario Press Start on DrivethruRPG.

Dear French-speaking friends around the world, jouissez!
Fabula Ultima will be released in French in 2023 thanks to Don’t Panic Games.
Don’t Panic Games will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Game On Tabletop in less than a month!
Sign up to the campaign page to stay in touch and don’t miss any opportunities!

Established in 2013, Don’t Panic Games is a board game and game book publisher based in Paris, France. Cofounded and directed by Cédric Littardi (also responsible for many other projects including Kaze, AnimeLand, Ynnis Editions and trendy geek-themed bar Le Dernier Bar Avant la Fin du Monde), Don’t Panic Games fits in perfectly with his goal of sharing and celebrating the culture of imagination in all its forms.