Something magical happened.

Fabula Ultima has won a Gold for Best Game and a Silver for Product of the Year at the ENNIE Awards.

Well, we’ve told you a thousand times how this story began. The enormous work that went into it. The striving for everything to come out the best it could. The endless research.

Today, we reached a place we never dreamed of reaching. And we can’t help but be grateful!

Grateful to Emanuele for entrusting us with their little creation, thanks to the whole team of wonderful people who worked with us, and thanks to all of you, the amazing NEED GAMES! and Fabula Ultima community.

We could have come up with a better speech, but here we are, still in disbelief and more excited than we could have imagined.

Everything we achieve is thanks to you. And this time, you’ve given us an incredible dream! Thank you!


The first Atlas will guide you into a world of ancient mysteries, breathtaking views, incredible magic, and powerful beings.

Four new classes, ten locations, custom weapons, Quirks, Zero Powers, five Villains and more!

Physical books (with digital version included) coming very soon to UK/UE and late September/early October in the US!

Fabula Ultima just reached the ultimate achievement of DrivethruRPG - the Adamantine Best Seller badge.

Another reason to celebrate!