FABULA ULTIMA is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game inspired by JRPGs, the Japanese videogame RPGs. In Fabula Ultima you and your friends will tell epic stories of aspiring heroes and fearsome villains, set in fantasy worlds brimming with magic, wondrous places, and uniquely bizarre monsters!

  • Create your setting together: you can include the elements you prefer, create powerful kingdoms, small villages, great historical  events and the people who will inhabit your world, among three different reference styles.
  • A simple and intuitive game system that allows you to recreate the gameplay and atmosphere of the most beloved JRPGs, but also leaves room for players to actively take part in the narrative and be decisive: every choice has consequences!
  • A Bestiary full of monsters, demons, beasts and constructs: the perfect hurdles in the heroes’ journey, from simple encounters to unbeatable bosses!
  • Fifteen combinable classes to build your own favorite hero: modular development inspired by videogames that allows you to design unique characters with depth. Choose what kind of group you belong to and embark on great adventures!
  • Everything the Game Master needs to run the game and lead the group to extraordinary and amazing adventures! Tips, how-to guides, and the tools you need to bring to life the heroes’ perfect counterpart: the Villain!
  • The manual features 360 full-color pages, finely illustrated by artists from around the world, and includes a free PDF version!

FABULA ULTIMA is a game by Emanuele Galletto and will be published by NEED GAMES! in 2022.

PRESS START is Fabula Ultima’s ready-to-play introductory scenario: a complete tutorial that will plunge you into a tale of bravery and memorable characters… all you need is the courage to fight for what you hold most dear!

PRESS START has been released during the Free RPG Day 2021!


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